Destination Flaxmere

To all of my friends who have been to Borneo, South London, The Czech Republic, anywhere in South Africa, Israel, Downtown LA, New York or Columbia.

You should really go on a trip to Flaxmere.

The good things about Flaxmere are:

You don’t need a passport/visa/special ID to get in.

You don’t need a new driver’s license, or a complicated handshake, or to be able to say Maraenui properly.

There’s no wall surrounding it – you just drive in and drive out as the whim takes you.

But most of all, you should really go on a trip to Flaxmere because that’s where you’ll find Kat Pritchard from Destination Wellness, and that’s where you’ll get an awesome massage at the low, low price of $40 per hour.

I had a massage with Kat yesterday and she was fabulous. She asked me a few questions, got me on the table, made sense of my aches and pains, and then formulated a plan.

And the plan must have worked because today I feel amazing. I’m not tired!! Ok, I’m a little bit tired. But, I’m not on the verge of tears thinking about how tired I am. And I swear it’s because I’m not in pain. And Kat did that.

So, if you’re anyone who wants a massage and have travelled to any of those places ^^ that I mentioned up there, Flaxmere shouldn’t be too scary for you to visit.

If you’re a mum, and you’re tired and you’ve got breastfeeding shoulder, or co-sleeping arm, or if you lifted your baby out of the cot wrong, or hurt your back maneuvering the torture device they call a fucking capsule, you should definitely go see Kat.

I’m going again next week!! Imagine how invincible I’ll feel after that!

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