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I’m reading another amazing parenting book. I’m not even up to Chapter One yet. That’s how good it is, I’m still reading the introduction, and I’m highlighting like mad and writing notes in the margins. The book is The Gardner and the Carpenter by Alison Gopnik. I can’t even remember for sure how I got... Continue Reading →

Destination Flaxmere

To all of my friends who have been to Borneo, South London, The Czech Republic, anywhere in South Africa, Israel, Downtown LA, New York or Columbia. You should really go on a trip to Flaxmere. The good things about Flaxmere are: You don't need a passport/visa/special ID to get in. You don't need a new... Continue Reading →

The Glamorous Side of Parenting

Two weeks ago, my guts a complete mess because a diet I was trying out to fix my guts that were a complete mess had blocked me up for days, I walked into a local pharmacy and asked for an enema kit. “A what?” the woman behind the counter asked, “AN ENEMA KIT” I enunciated... Continue Reading →

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